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Fizz-o-Fun 44-Hole Rocket Bubble Gun

In Stock · FREE Shipping!

Fizz-o-Fun 44-Hole Rocket Bubble Gun

In Stock · FREE Shipping!

Make Summer Super Fun for Your Kids with Fizz-o-Fun!

Are you looking for a summer activity that will blow your kid's mind? Get ready because it's about to rain bubbles with Fizz-o-Fun Bubble Gun!

Our super fun bubble gun is guaranteed to bring immeasurable fun to get your little ones off their phones and computer games. Create fun and memorable memories all summer long!

Get your Fizz-o-Fun today and start the bubble party at home!

Fizz-o-Fun Features:

  • Multi-hole Bubble: Our design comes with 44 holes for simultaneous bubbling, with a distinct feel and zero stickiness.
  • Reinforced Shell: Made from ABS material and reinforced shell, Fizz-o-Fun is impact-resistant and 10x durable.
  • Novel Rocket Launcher Shape: The rocket launcher shape and streamlined design make it even more enjoyable for children to play around with.
  • Strap Design: The strap prevents the bubble machine from falling out of hand.
  • Convenient Handle Design: Portable handle and easy to carry. The grip can be adjusted in position at will. One-handed and to take everywhere with you.
  • Multifunctional Bubble Maker: Not only a bubble machine but also the fan when the head is removed.
  • Long-lasting Battery Life: Long working life with lithium batteries. It's rechargeable, environmentally friendly, and durable.
  • Easy To Clean: One tray for easy cleaning without sticky hands.

Let it Rain Bubbles, Anywhere.

The Fizz-o-Fun is here to make your, and your kid's summer feel like Disneyland every day. It fills the air with colorful bubbles, making every child jump for joy!


100% Safe for Kids

The Fizz-o-Fun is designed with no sharp edges, so you don't have to worry about your littlun's being hurt. Your kid can use it with confidence and enjoy the fun of bubbles while creating cherishable life memories.

Making Memories

The Fizz-o-Fun can stimulate children's imagination and creativity while using colorful bubbles to enrich your littlun's childhood memories. It can even interact with babies and bring more stimulation and a sense of happiness and well-being. No sticky feeling and no foamy bubbles!

Hours Of Fun

The Fizz-o-Fun has been upgraded with longer battery life so your kids can have more fun. Its sustainable power function means your littluns are guaranteed hours of fun.

How to Use

  1. Put in lithium battery.
  2. Pour the bubble solution into the pan (bubble water NOT included)
  3. Get the front of the bubble machine completely wet
  4. Press the switch


  • COLORS: Black/Purple/Pink

Package Includes:

  • 44-hole Bubble Maker * 1
  • Bubble Basin * 1
  • Lithium Battery * 1
  • Charging Cable * 1
  • Strap * 1

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