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EcoScan Water Quality Tester: All-in-One pH, TDS, EC Meters - For Accurate and Reliable Water Testing

In Stock Β· FREE Shipping!

EcoScan Water Quality Tester: All-in-One pH, TDS, EC Meters - For Accurate and Reliable Water Testing

In Stock Β· FREE Shipping!



Hey there, H2O hero! 🌊 Ever had one of those days where you're staring at your glass of water, and it's like you're on a blind date, wondering, "Who really are you?" Or perhaps you've been gazing at your lush green plants, pondering if they're sipping on the finest or just making do. Well, wonder no more! Meet the EcoScan Water Quality Tester. It's not just any tester; it's your personal water sommelier, ready to introduce you to the finer nuances of your liquid life.

Now, let's get something straight. The EcoScan isn't just about numbers and metrics. It's about the stories behind each drop, the tales of pH, TDS, and EC. With its all-in-one prowess, it's like having a water concierge at your fingertips. Whether you're a green thumb, a fish fanatic, or just someone who believes in the perfect sip, the EcoScan is about to be the toast of your water tales. So, let's raise our glasses (filled with impeccably tested water, of course) and toast to clarity, confidence, and a splash of curiosity. Cheers to the water wonders ahead! πŸ₯‚πŸ’§

All-in-One Testing

The EcoScan isn't just about doing one thing well; it's a jack of all trades. Seamlessly measure pH, TDS, and EC to get a 360-degree view of your water's story.

pH Meter

Get to know the acidity or alkalinity of your water. Perfect for ensuring your plants, fish, or even your own drinking water is at its best.

TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) Meter

Dive into the details with the TDS meter. Understand the concentration of dissolved substances in your water, from your tap to your fish tank.

EC (Electrical Conductivity) Meter

Measure the ability of water to conduct electrical currents. It's a great indicator of the amount of dissolved salts or other conductive materials present.

High Precision & Accuracy

The EcoScan is all about getting it right. With its advanced sensors, you can trust the readings every single time.

User-Friendly Interface

No need to be a scientist to use this! With its intuitive design, anyone can get accurate readings without the fuss.

Quick Calibration

Comes ready to use right out of the box, but if you ever need to recalibrate, it's a breeze.

Durable Construction

Built to last, the EcoScan is designed to withstand regular use, ensuring you have a trusty water testing companion for years.

Backlit Display

Whether you're testing in bright daylight or in a dim room, the backlit display ensures you can read your results clearly every time.

Versatile Applications

It's not just for one type of water. Whether you're testing drinking water, pools, aquariums, or hydroponics, the EcoScan has got your back.

Compact & Portable

Take it anywhere! Its compact design means you can easily carry it in your pocket or bag, ready for on-the-go testing.

Battery Life & Power

With efficient power usage, you won't find yourself constantly changing batteries. Plus, it has an auto-off feature to save energy when not in use.

Alright, water aficionados, here's the real tea (or should we say, water?). The EcoScan Water Quality Tester is making quite the splash, and if you're not on this wave, you're missing out. But here's the ripple effect: while the oceans are vast, our EcoScan stock? It's more like a limited-edition spring. We've got folks from coast to coast diving in to get their hands on this liquid gold detector. So, if you've been dreaming of water clarity, precision, and a touch of tech magic, now's your tidal moment. Dive in, make a splash, and secure your EcoScan before they evaporate from our shelves!

P.S. Remember, clarity isn't just a state of water; it's a state of mind. With EcoScan, you're not just getting a tester; you're investing in peace, precision, and a splash of perfection. So, why wade when you can dive? Jump into the clear side of life with EcoScan!

Technical Specifications

Tech enthusiasts, strap in! πŸ€“ It's time to embark on a deep dive into the techy heart of the EcoScan Water Quality Tester. Here's the blueprint of this water wizardry device:

  • Material: Crafted with premium ABS material. It's like the armored knight that guards your water testing realm.
  • Probe: Made of top-notch Titanium Alloy, ensuring rust-resistance and zero interference. It's the sentinel that ensures every reading is spot-on.
  • Display: A vibrant backlit LCD. Because clarity isn't just for water; it's for readings too.
  • pH Meter Range: From a brisk 32Β°F to a warm 140Β°F (0Β°C – 60Β°C). It's the thermometer that never misses a beat.
  • TDS Meter Range: 0-9999 ppm with a precision accuracy of Β± 2%. Because in the world of water, every detail counts.
  • Functionality: With its 3-in-1 prowess, it's the multitasker every water lover dreams of. Measures pH, TDS, EC, and then some.
  • Units: Celsius or Fahrenheit, it's all about choices. Toggle between ℃ / ℉ with a simple tap.
  • Data Hold: It's the pause button for your water tales. Freeze your results and review at your leisure.
  • Applications: From the kitchen sink to the backyard pool, it's the tester that knows no bounds.

So, there you have it, the tech DNA of the EcoScan Water Quality Tester. Whether you're here for the specs or the splashes, one thing's for sure: EcoScan is set to elevate your water world! πŸŒŠπŸ”πŸ“Š



Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Travis Whitfield
Great product

Works like it says!!

Michael Woods
Great Tool for a Good Price.

I am a hands on, see what the problem is, seek useful knowledge and apply the best logical response to solve it. Excluding testing strips and a controlled laboratory environment this is the way to go. It measured a 1/4 teaspoon added to one gallon of water. I doubled to 1/2 teaspoon by adding another 1/4 and the change doubled. Its accurate, and I measured the reverse by adding 1/4 teaspoons of distilled vinegar to bring the ph back down. My vinegar might not be the best it took an extra 1/4-ish-lite to get it slightly closer to original ph. Regular filtered tap water is over 7 ph and for flowering this is no good, nutrients will not be absorbed.

Frank Vidal
A must have for growing

So glad I got this. Things like air circulation, ventilation nutes etc are all very important. But so is proper ph levels. My plants have been right on the whole time. They have been doing great! (Knocks on wood), always keep my feedings and water at 6.0 maybe 6.02 or 5.99 on my lazy days but I always balance my ph and my plants have not had nute lock or anyhing!

Francis Sands
Great Product.

I have the older model and this newer version is better on every level.

Herman Yarbrough
Easy, accurate and cheap.

Helped me measure my waters PH level. It was easy to use and accurate. My Homes PH value is in the 8, which is almost natural. Home plants do require water lower in PH levels. I have mine around 6. I also picked up a PPM reader so I can read how much nutrients are present in the water. Does the job, it’s worth it.