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Darth V3 360-Degrees Speed Control LED Radar Detector

In Stock · FREE Shipping!

Darth V3 360-Degrees Speed Control LED Radar Detector

In Stock · FREE Shipping!



Targeted Detection, Better Prevention—Introducing the Darth V3

Radar detectors are a great help in preventing overspeeding tickets on the road. Still, when it starts to recognize all frequencies in the area—including those Frequency-Modulated Continuous Wave (FMCW) K-bands equipped in new vehicles—that's when it becomes an annoyance. Imagine getting bugged by false alarms every time you went for a drive? Yes, that's most likely the case if you get a radar detector without FDSR or TFSR.

The problem with radar detectors with FDSR or TFSR features, they often come at a hefty price. Your best solution? Our Darth V3 Radar Detector. Our design focuses on two frequencies only—K and Ka—to give you a more targeted detection. This type of radar detection offers two significant advantages:

  1. It recognizes the two most common frequencies used by police radar guns: K and Ka-band.
  2. No signal or sensor rejector is required.

Note: The Darth V3 only applies to K- or Ka-frequency and will only sound the alarm once the frequencies stated are detected, including hidden speed traps. But no alarm sound will be made when the frequency is different, so not every speed measurement point will work. Please purchase with caution.


  1. Detect any moving radar speed monitor from the front.
  2. Detects any movement from the surveillance camera (around the traffic light) from above.
  3. Guide you to safe driving and avoid traffic fines.
  4.  ODM and OEM technical services for different locations and customers.
  5. Provide English / Russian voice alert, OEM language, and voice.
  6.  Easy to install and control, can be installed and used independently.
  7. Full 16-receiver.
  8. Two versions: English / Russian.

Other Details:

This model comes with an LED screen that displays the detected radar band. The LED also flashes when a radar signal is detected. It also includes a voice prompt in English or Russian languages.

1. About the signal:

  • The Darth V3 offers support for the XK Ka, Ku, and VG-2 bands. (Ku-band radar guns are currently used in Europe. If you're located in Russia, this band will not be detected).
  • Our model only supports flow detection and cannot detect traffic cameras.
  • This model can detect police radar guns from 200 to 800-meters distance
  • Depending on the traffic conditions, the landscape, climate, and detection range will be slightly different.
  • When the detection range is not met, adjust the position and angle of the radar equipment. The lower the interference, the greater the reaction distance. You can also use a wave amplifier if possible.

2. About setting the mode:

Two modes:
  • City Mode: Display traffic signal. When the "+" button is pressed, the audio reports every 10 seconds. When the motion signal disappears, it will revert to the default setting.
  • High-Speed ​​Mode: The default setting will only signal an alarm whenever a high sensitivity signal is received.
Operation Buttons:
  • "+": Press this button to increase the volume
  • The "M" button will also increase the volume or switch between city mode and treble mode. This button also switches between English and Russian reporting (if pressed for more than 3 seconds).
  • "-": Press this button to decrease the volume


  • This design has two mode settings (city/highway). The sensitivity of the "urban model" is relatively lower than that of the "road model."
  • This product does not have an automatic silencing system and cannot virtually eliminate false alarms.

Many similar radar signals in the city can interfere with radar detectors and even cause false alarms. This includes interference from other automotive radar detectors, cameras, and automatic doors in the market or bank. This is normal and cannot be avoided. We recommend that you manually switch to city mode and turn down the volume.

3. About language adaptation:

This product has English and Russian sounds. (Press the "MENU" button for 3 seconds to change the spoken language.)


  • OSD language: English, Russian
  • Interface: Mini USB, DC charging port
  • Special Features: LED Display
  • Real-time humanized intelligent voice broadcasting.
  • The LED screen can display the frequency, speed, speed, and compass function button settings, sensitive and fast.
  • Model Number: V3
  • Vehicle Application: Universal
  • Full-spectrum detection team.
  • X-BAND 10.42-10.62ghz.
  • K-BAND 23.9-24.3 GHz.
  • KU-BAND 13.32-13.54 GHz.
  • KA-BAND 34.100-35.82 GHz.
  • La ser velocimetry 904mn + 33MHz.
  • Anti VG2 11.150MHz detection.
  • 360-degree full angle detection rate, very high accuracy rate.
  • Supply voltage: 12V
  • Detection range: 200-800M

Package Includes:

  • 1 x detector gift V3 Ra
  • 1 x car charger connector
  • 1 x Anti-slip mat
  • 1 x User Manual

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