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CryoCell Cell Phone Cooler - Ultra-Fast 20W Power Cooling Radiator with In-APP Control, RGB Lights and 7 Blade Fans

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CryoCell Cell Phone Cooler - Ultra-Fast 20W Power Cooling Radiator with In-APP Control, RGB Lights and 7 Blade Fans

In Stock · FREE Shipping!



Hello, tech aficionado! We see you there, pushing your phone to its limits with those epic gaming marathons, live streams, and endless scrolling. But, let's face it, your phone's temperature is soaring higher than a SpaceX rocket, and it's time to bring in the big guns. Enter the CryoCell Cell Phone Cooler - your phone's new best friend and the ultimate chill pill for your overheating device.

This isn't just a cooler; it's an ultra-fast 20W power cooling radiator with in-app control, RGB lights, and 7 blade fans. It's like having your very own personal weather system, right in the palm of your hand. And the best part? It's adjustable, so you can dial up the chill factor to match your phone's fever pitch.

20W Power Ultra Fast Cooling

The CryoCell Cell Phone Cooler is engineered with a 20W power cooling system that provides instantaneous cooling power. It's like having a mini air conditioner for your phone, keeping it cool, calm, and collected even during the most intense gaming sessions.

In-APP Control

Featuring in-app control, this cooler is built for enthusiasts. You can customize your own lighting effect, set a timer for auto shut down, and more. It's like having a personal assistant for your phone's temperature.

RGB Lighting

With its customizable multi-colored light effects and E-sports gaming aesthetics, this cooler isn't just practical; it's also stylish. Your phone will look as cool as it feels.

Universal Compatibility

This cooler is the ultimate team player, fitting almost any smartphone, whether you're gaming on an Android or iOS phone. It's like a one-size-fits-all t-shirt, but for your phone.

So, are you ready to give your phone the chill-out session it deserves? With the CryoCell Cell Phone Cooler, you can say goodbye to overheating and hello to peak performance. But don't wait too long, because this cooler is as hot as the phones it cools, and it's flying off the shelves.

Remember, a cool phone is a happy phone. And a happy phone means a happy you. So why wait? Give your phone the gift of cool today with the CryoCell Cell Phone Cooler. Your phone (and your hands) will thank you.

Technical Specifications

For those who love the details, here's the tech rundown:

  • Material: Plastic + Metal
  • Size: 84.3 * 59.5 * 43.7mm
  • Power: 20W
  • Cooling method: 7 blade high-speed fan
  • In-app control: Yes
  • RGB lighting: Yes
  • Compatibility: Various sizes of phones

So, there you have it. The CryoCell Cell Phone Cooler - the ultimate solution for your overheating phone. It's time to keep your cool and game on!

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Philip Toomey
Best Cooler in the market

my iphone and the outdoors are my office. I create inspection reports for the company I work for, and I've had other phone coolers that could not survive the heat and humidity of the mid-Atlantic area. Until I found this cooler. I normally run the cooler off an additional battery (so as not to drain my iphone). Since I started to use this magnetic cooler, I've noticed no degradation (battery life, nor screen dimming) on the iphone while working outdoors for 6 hours. In fact my phone is able to last longer on normal battery life without a need of a recharge. Best magnetic cooler for phones.

Anthony Allen
YES! Can finally play COD without my phone exploding

The battery on my phone gets so hot from all the abuse I put over the years. I have a Samsung S8 (I know...) and its battery gets hot from playing candy crush lol XD. I was about to toss it but decided to try this phone cooler. I'm so excited to say this works soo well!
I put it to a test playing Call of Duty. First, I noticed how silent the cooler is. Second, the conductive cooling really makes a difference as it lowers the temperature dramatically. I was able to play for hours and my phone kept the same temperature that it had before I started playing.
Before using this cooler, I could only play for about 30min before the game started to stutter and lag. Now I can seamlessly play for as long as I want!

Jimmie Severson
Pretty cool cooling cooler

This Phone Cooler Semiconductor Radiator is pretty amazing in delivering a cool surface when it is turned on. I used a thermal imaging camera to record the temperature of the cooling pad's surface before and after it is turned on. The temperature recorded with the power turned on is about 25 F lower in temperature. It also feels pretty cold by the hand of the surface.
This cooler can be used in a variety of applications beside cooling the phones.

Great phone cooler while gaming or using demanding apps...

We all know how hot a phone can get when you are playing graphic intense games, watching HD videos, streaming, or changing. This well-made cooling fan is a great option to help keep your device from getting too hot. The is to remove the phone from any case as the fan has to physically touch the back of the phone's back metal covering (although I could see it could also help with glass back models) to properly cool the phone much like a heatsink/fan does on a computer processor. With this unit running and attached, I experienced a noticeable drop in temps and heat radiating from the phone. The fan's noise level is not bad at all. It charged really fast and the battery appears to last a respectable amount of time with realistic amounts of use time. A great accessory for those that play a lot of graphic intense mobile games, do a lot of streaming or HD video watching, or just max out their phone's capabilities a lot.

James Wade
Super quite and cold

This thing I couldn’t even tell it was on. Only way I found out it was on was how cold the back side gets. The part that touches your phone. I’ve never used on before. I don’t know if they are all like this but it’s gets almost too cold to touch on the back side. I was crazy impressed how cold it was. Being an advent battle royal playing this is a plus. I got one recently with high hopes . This thing hear is amazing