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CritterAway 6-Pack Ultrasonic Pest Repeller - Eco-Friendly, Easy to Use, Safe for the Whole Family, Wide Area Coverage, Quick Results, Effective Against Common Household Pests

In Stock · FREE Shipping!

CritterAway 6-Pack Ultrasonic Pest Repeller - Eco-Friendly, Easy to Use, Safe for the Whole Family, Wide Area Coverage, Quick Results, Effective Against Common Household Pests

In Stock · FREE Shipping!



Hey, friend! You know how your home sometimes turns into a 'Wild Kingdom' episode, featuring an unsolicited parade of creepy crawlies and scampering pests? Well, have I got a game-changer for you! Meet the CritterAway 6-Pack Ultrasonic Pest Repeller, the newest member of your home's defense league. This isn't just any pest control device; it's like having a superhero squad, each armed with eco-friendly, ultrasonic powers.

Imagine this: a pest-free home where you don't have to play whack-a-mole with roaches or set up a mouse maze. And the best part? It’s as easy as plugging in a toaster and as safe as a puppy in a blanket. No chemicals, no traps, just pure, undisturbed peace. Plus, it’s like having an invisible shield around your home, keeping those pesky intruders at bay. So, let's dive into why the CritterAway is about to become your new best friend (and your pests' worst nightmare)! 🐁🚫🌿

The Sonic Superhero You Never Knew You Needed

Imagine a superhero that's invisible, silent, and dedicated to keeping your home pest-free. That's CritterAway for you, using its ultrasonic powers to keep the creepy crawlies at bay, and all without a cape!

A Safe Haven for Your Family and Furry Friends

Worried about chemicals around your kids and pets? Fear no more! CritterAway is as gentle as a summer breeze on a picnic day – safe, non-toxic, and totally family-friendly.

Plug-In Peace of Mind

Forget complex manuals or fiddly setups. CritterAway is as easy as plugging in a lamp, but instead of light, it spreads peace and tranquility.

360 Degrees of Critter Defense

This isn't just a pest repeller; it's a full-circle guardian. Covering a whopping 1600 square feet, it's like an invisible dome of protection over your space.

Your Go-To for Any Space

Whether you're chilling at home, grinding at the office, or running a warehouse – CritterAway's got your back, keeping those unwanted guests out.

Night Light Navigator

Not just a pest repeller, it also moonlights as a night light. It’s like having a beacon of safety that also says, 'Not today, pests!'

Green Warrior of the Pest World

Join the eco-friendly side with CritterAway – no chemicals, just ultrasonic waves. It's like being an environmental superhero.

Speedy Results for the Impatient

In the fast-paced world, who has time to wait? See the magic happen in just 1-2 weeks. It's like ordering fast food but for pest control!

Customer Care Like No Other

Got a question or a tiny hiccup? CritterAway's customer service is like that friend who’s always there for you – reliable, caring, and ready to help.

Join the Pest-Free Revolution!

Why wait for a critter crisis? Make the smart choice today with CritterAway – the ultrasonic guardian of your peaceful abode. Imagine a home where the only guests are the ones you invite. This is your chance to turn that dream into reality. Don't let this opportunity scurry away like those unwanted pests. Grab your CritterAway 6-Pack now and enjoy the serenity you deserve. Remember, your peace of mind is just a plug away. So, why delay? Say 'yes' to a pest-free home today!

Tech Specs Decoded

For the detail-oriented and the tech-curious, here’s the lowdown on what makes CritterAway your must-have ally:

  • Ultrasonic Technology: 2023 model with advanced sound wave frequencies.
  • Safety First: Totally safe for both children and pets.
  • Effortless Use: Just plug into any standard outlet.
  • Coverage Mastery: Each unit covers up to 1600 square feet.
  • Versatile Defender: Ideal for a variety of indoor spaces.
  • Dual Functionality: Doubles as a subtle night light.
  • Eco-Friendly Design: Chemical-free and environmentally conscious.
  • Quick Action: Visible results in as little as 1-2 weeks.
  • Dedicated Support: Backed by responsive and helpful customer service.

So, gear up and get ready to welcome the ultimate pest control solution into your life – CritterAway!

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Randal Murphey
Works better than expected!

Love, love, love these. I didn't have great expectations for this product. So imagine my surprise when they actually work like they claim!! I usually have at least 10 stink bugs crawling around my kitchen on any given day this time of year. I have ZERO. I see them all over my doors, but outside.
I am so pleased with them I bought another pack. I put these in my house, garage, barn and RV.
I do have pets and the product does not seem to have any effect on them at all.

Juan Bull
This product seems to work as designed.

I purchased it to repel spiders and carpenter ants. After waking up numerous times with a black widow spider on the ceiling above my head, I realized I needed something other than dangerous chemicals. In addition, constantly trying to get rid of them myself was starting to wear me out. So when I saw this product and read the reviews, I was highly motivated to give it a try. I like the fact that there are 6 units. I put 2 in the living room, 2 in my bed room, 1 in the bathroom and the other in the kitchen. The next morning I was surprised to see a spider just hanging out right underneath the unit in the kitchen. It was danling from its web, which was attached to the unit. At first I thought it was mocking me and the unit, lol. However, I realized that was the only place it could escape the Ultrasonic sound. I observed this several more times once in the living room and once in my bedroom. I decided to leave them there to see what they would do. After a few hours, they were gone. I have had this product for a few weeks now, it works, just like the manufacture stated it would.

Thomas Dickson
Seems to be working - a lot less spiders around!

Units came in a box that was easy to manage and all six appear to be working (the blue light is "on" for all of them). The light isn't too bright for a room where you're sleeping. We've had the units for a few weeks now and, before we got them, we would see a spider in one room or another almost daily - and would accumulate quite a few on our sticky traps. After installing these repellers, I believe we've only seen maybe one spider out and about per WEEK. We didn't appear to have an "increase in activity" in the first two weeks like the units say we might, but maybe that happened at night or when we weren't around. All in all, they seem to be working and keeping the spiders out of sight (and hopefully out of the house)!

Paul Ray
Works As Described

These pest deterrent devices work in my location (east coast) and are very effective. I have used these particular devices for over two years. I reside on the East coast where the temperature is beginning to drop for the season and that means critters are seeking warmth and shelter. So far, I haven’t seen any breeches into my home and I want to keep it that way. These were purchased because I want to insure I have additional devices available in case I need replacements.

Robert Garcia
Wish I bought this sooner

I moved into a first floor apartment, they're older apartments and I'm in Florida. So unfortunately it's common to see a critter here and there. I have young kids and I didn't wanna be constantly spraying pesticides and chemicals around them, so I looked online and found this product. Within a couple days I instantly noticed less bugs. Every blue moon one might slip their way in, but it's a lot better than seeing one or two every single day. I'm very pleased with this product and I'm glad it came with 6. I have one in every room. This is a much better and safer alternative. HIGHLY recommend!