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Celestria Ceiling Track Light with 4 Rotatable Heads - Adjustable, 240° Arm Rotation, Matte Black Finish, Metal - Ideal for Kitchen & Living Room

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Celestria Ceiling Track Light with 4 Rotatable Heads - Adjustable, 240° Arm Rotation, Matte Black Finish, Metal - Ideal for Kitchen & Living Room

In Stock · FREE Shipping!



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Hey there, light seeker! Are you tired of the same old lighting fixtures that offer as much flair as a bowl of plain oatmeal? Well, brace yourself, because the Celestria Ceiling Track Light is about to flip your world, or at least your living room, on its head. This isn't just a light; it's a statement piece, a conversation starter, and, dare we say, a game changer in the world of luminescence.

Picture this: Four sleek, rotatable heads, each poised like a black swan ready to dance across your ceiling. And oh, the moves they've got! With a 240° arm rotation, these lights don't just illuminate; they pirouette around your room, casting light in corners you didn't even know existed. And the matte black finish? It's like the little black dress of lighting – timeless, elegant, and goes with everything. Whether your kitchen is craving some drama or your living room needs a touch of modern elegance, the Celestria is ready to strut its stuff.

So, if you're ready to graduate from bland lighting to something that sparks joy (and light), let's dive deeper into what makes the Celestria a shining star in the world of track lights. Buckle up, it's going to be a luminous ride!

Dance of Light in Your Room

Ceiling Track Lighting

Imagine lighting that moves like a ballet dancer across your ceiling. With the Celestria's 240° rotating arms and 350° rotating heads, you can direct light exactly where you want it, from that dark reading nook to the spotlight on your favorite painting.

Installation? A Piece of Cake!

No need to call in the pros. This light fixture is like your favorite DIY project – simple and satisfying. It's quick to install, whether you're jazzing up your kitchen ceiling or adding a modern twist to your living room walls.

Chic Design, Meet Durability

track lighting kit

Not just a pretty face, the Celestria's matte black finish and sturdy metal construction means it's as durable as it is stylish. It's like the superhero of lights – tough, reliable, and always looking sharp.

Light Up Every Corner

Four adjustable heads mean no more dark, forgotten corners. It’s like having a personal sun in your room, shining light wherever you need it.

Transform Any Room

This isn't just a light; it's a room transformer. Whether it's setting the mood in the bedroom or adding a dash of elegance to your home office, the Celestria adapts to your style and needs.

Sleek and Modern – The Talk of the Town

The sleek modern design is sure to catch eyes and spark conversations. It's like having a piece of modern art on your ceiling – but one that lights up!

Easy on the Eyes and Environment

Compatible with LED bulbs, it’s not just easy on the eyes but also on your electricity bill and the planet. A small step for your home, a giant leap for sustainability.

So, there you have it, the Celestria – not just a light fixture, but a beacon of style, convenience, and comfort in your home. Let there be light, and let it be fabulous! 🌟

Light Up Your Life Now!

Don't just dream about a beautifully lit space; make it your reality with the Celestria Ceiling Track Light. But hey, don’t just take our word for it. Light up your life, quite literally, and see the transformation for yourself. Remember, a well-lit room is just a click away. This isn't just lighting; it's an upgrade to your living experience. And who doesn't love an upgrade?

Why Wait for Brighter Days?

The Celestria isn't just another item in your shopping cart; it's the missing puzzle piece for your perfect home. So, what are you waiting for? Grab yours now and bask in the glow of smart, stylish, and efficient lighting. Because let's face it, some opportunities – just like perfect lighting – shouldn’t be left in the dark.

The Tech-Savvy Tour

Alright, tech enthusiasts, here's the lowdown on what makes the Celestria tick:

  • Brand: Celestria
  • Material: Metal
  • Color: Matte Black
  • Style: Modern
  • Dimensions: 27.6”L x 4.7”W x 5.3”H
  • Light Fixture Form: Ceiling
  • Indoor/Outdoor Usage: Indoor
  • Power Source: Hardwired
  • Installation Type: Ceiling Mount
  • Special Features: Rotatable, Foldable, Anti-Rust
  • Light Source Type: LED, Halogen, Incandescent
  • Number of Light Sources: 4
  • Bulb Base: GU10
  • Weight: 1.87 pounds
  • Warranty: 3 years

There you have it – the Celestria in all its technical glory. Now, go light up your world! 🌟

Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews
Ralph Rutherford
I can see!!

These have been installed for quite a while now-
I had some horrible fixture from the 80s- the kind you constantly look up and see dead bug carcasses in. Right above where I cook- lovely.
Bought this on a whim. Arrived quickly, no assembly needed, and it was a quick install! Affixed right to the existing mount.
I did purchase brighter bulbs to use, and holy cream it’s made a huge difference. The arms and lights are easy to move, so I could sun the light right where I need it. My kitchen is small, with minimal lighting- but this illuminates all my cabinets and counter space!
Definitely recommend if your looking for an affordable lighting system.

Olen Armstead
Style and Durability

I recently installed this track lighting in my kitchen and I'm pretty impressed with how it turned out. The lights are bright enough to illuminate my entire kitchen and the adjustable feature allows me to direct the light where I need it. The installation process was also fairly easy and straightforward. The only downside is that that your friends may want to copy them....lol! I'm super happy with my purchase. I would definitely recommend track lighting to anyone looking for a stylish and functional lighting solution for their kitchen. 5 stars!

Elvira Ewing
Quality product, fantastic customer service

Excellent customer service!!! We received our light and had a minor shipping thing (I don’t think it was even the company’s fault). They got back to us in just a couple of hours and had a new light on the way and ready to go! This company stands by their product because they know it’s quality. It’s refreshing to see such quick and friendly support in todays world. Light was exactly as I expected, even better considering the cheap price. Recommend 10/10!

Lisa McMillian
 I will buy Again!!!

I needed lighting in my living room so I found this track light for the ceiling. But I had no ceiling electric problem solved and this was the solution. I converted it to a plug and added a switch. I'm a female and I never did anything like this before YouTube is my go to. It was quick and really easy. Let me tell you I cannot be happier. This track light is well made and is quality. It arrived undamaged. When I unboxed it it was gorgeous. I plan to add one to my kitchen and bedroom. Very satisfied.

Douglas Bogue
Lights up the alcove

I purchased this to use in a visitor's center where a bulletin board resides, Due to the structure of the room the alcove was always dark, it was a little tricky getting it on the wall, and the LED also needed some patience to install, When it was all put together and turned on it was perfect. We liked how we could flex the light onto the wall giving optimum visual experience to the art work.