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This new military glasses capable of improving fishing by up to 7 times and preventing traffic accidents!

Understand how this technology used by the U.S. military works, capable of seeing through water and eliminating any type of reflection

Ryan Stewart
Updated Jun 23rd, 2024

What you will find in this article?

  • Hidden Military Secret Revealed: Discover the lens technology only elite forces had access to – now available to the public!
  • See Through Water: Ever wondered how some anglers spot the best catch? Unlock the visual advantage that lets fishermen and drivers see with 7x clarity.
  • More Than Just Sunglasses: Imagine a world with vibrant colors, no glare, and lenses that adjust instantly to sunlight intensity. Ready to experience it?
  • High-Tech for the Price of a Pizza?: Dive into how this cutting-edge tech became shockingly affordable – and why it’s causing a frenzy around the globe!

It is mistaken to think that sunglasses only serve for protection against solar rays. In recent years, a new technology of solar lenses has gained popularity very quickly among fishermen, drivers, and athletes.

This technology is known as photochromic lenses, capable of exponentially increasing visual clarity, automatically changing color in different weather conditions, increasing focus by 7 times and eliminating any type of reflection, making it even possible to see through water.

But how does it work? We tried it out.

However, due to restricted production and high values, this type of solar lens technology was only used by the military, armed forces, and police, and only during tactical use.


A company has made MaxVision, the top-selling photochromic lenses in the United States in 2022, accessible to the general public. 
And best of all: due to its large-scale production,, these lenses are now available at the cost of a pizza.

With revolutionary technology, MaxVision™ has polarized photochromic lenses, capable of increasing focus by up to 7 times on a sunny day.

Its lenses achieve photochromic properties through the incorporation of microcrystalline silver halides, reacting instantly when exposed to UV light. In brighter conditions, the lenses darken, and when lighting conditions become darker, the lenses lighten again.


POLARIZED LENSES: Polarization helps reduce eye strain, increasing visual comfort and, most importantly, exponentially increasing visual clarity by eliminating brightness reflections from the environment. In addition to all this, you can experience the world in bright colors and with more contrast than ever before.

100% UV BLOCK: MaxVision™ blocks all three bands of ultraviolet radiation: UVA, UVB, and UVC, and protects the human eye 100% from the harmful effects of sunlight. This is achieved with its multi-layered lens design for ideal eye protection.

INDESTRUCTIBLE: Not only are they superior in lens technology, but they also outperform all competitors in terms of build quality and durability. The frames are made of aluminum and magnesium, which are known for their extreme strength while being lightweight.

COMFORTABLE: With its adjustable arms and silicone nose protectors, it fits perfectly on all faces. The eco-friendly material prevents allergies and provides an extremely comfortable user experience.

VIBRANT COLORS AND HIGH DEFINITION: MaxVision™ was designed to reduce the glare of surfaces such as water, snow, and glass, ensuring clear vision with even brighter colors of even the most obscured objects.

PHOTOCHROMIC LENSES: The stronger the outdoor sunlight, the darker the sunglasses lenses become. In practice, they drastically reduce light reflections that reach our vision, preventing headaches caused by eye fatigue, MaxVision lets all the details unfold in front of you!

Proven Results

The MaxVision™ has already been tested and approved by more than 26,000 men and women..

Check out below some testimonials from satisfied users.

In addition to the function of protecting the eyes, the lenses have an incredibly important function, which is to aid in fishing and allow you to see not only the fish swimming, but also the structures that are below the water.

Theodore R

How can I buy it?

Our report contacted the official MaxVision™ distributor.

In response, the company informed us that the product is not being sold in physical stores, only through the brand’s official website (access by clicking here).

They also informed us that due to the success of the product sales, several counterfeits are emerging in the market.

Only through MaxVision™, you will have full certainty of receiving the original product with a 30-day guarantee.

But remember, this offer is only available for the next 24 hours for first-time customers through the official website. Click here to secure your MaxVision™ lenses.

*Update: Since MaxVision™ appeared on television, it has become a sensation and more than 9,000 units have already been sold. Due to the popularity and all the positive testimonials, we advise you to hurry and secure yours today. To check if they are still available in your area, just click here.

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