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How To Easily Clean Your Driveway (and other things) & Make It Look Brand New In Under 5 Minutes

Ryan Stewart
Updated Jul 19th, 2024

I achieved the American Dream about ten years ago when I purchased my first home. It’s a very decent sized house for a first-time buyer, located in a safe neighborhood a few blocks from the local park, and it was clean. Looking back on it now, I think I was 24 years old at the time, a little on the younger side of new homebuyers. I love this house. Fast-forward ten years later, and I’ve met and married a beautiful woman and we have two kids. All that’s missing is the white picket fence, right?

Unfortunately, not. My picture-perfect home has one major flaw; the driveway.

Over the years, significant wear and tear has dirtied up my driveway so bad I can drive up and down the road and pick my house out of a lineup based solely on the dirtiest driveway. I’m not entirely innocent in this; I may have done an oil change or two in my driveway, and that can be messy. To me, it looked like years of picking up street dust from the blacktop and parking my car on the driveway had just seeped a bunch of oil and grime into the concrete. I hit my breaking point when I went out barefoot to check the mail—when I came back inside, the bottoms of my feet were covered in soot! It was embarrassing, and I was tired of it.

I knuckled down and go to work that very next weekend. I spent about an hour washing off the entire driveway with my hose. I dumped some soap across the concrete slabs, I got a nice big scrub brush, and I went to town. It was a solid half hour later when I finally stopped; my back was hurting, my arms felt like rubber, and for all my elbow grease, the driveway wasn’t much cleaner.

I needed something high-powered, but I really didn’t want to rent a power washer from the local home improvement store. Shelling out money every time I need to clean my driveway was not an appealing thought. I was about to give up when my neighbor came out to check his mail. He saw me fuming in front of my house and stopped by to ask me what was going on.

“This driveway is driving me absolutely insane!” I vented. “How is that everyone in this community has a much cleaner driveway than I do? What am I doing wrong here?”

“Well, you could try JetNozzle. It’s the gadget I use to keep my whole house clean, driveway included.”

I looked at my neighbor skeptically. He was a bit of an older gentleman, and I couldn’t imagine him using some heavy duty pressure washer, let alone affording to purchase one. When I told him what I was thinking, he laughed at me.

“No offense, son, but this isn’t a pressure washer, and it isn’t expensive. It’s one of those revolutionary concepts someone recently designed. Like a smarter, better version of a product, you know? Get yourself one and try it out. I guarantee you’ll like it.”

I went to the home improvement store to check out my neighbor’s suggestion; I looked for the JetNozzle everywhere, but I could not find it. One of the workers saw me searching the aisles for a while and asked if I needed help.

“I'm looking for something my neighbor told me about,” I said, “Something called JetNozzle.”

The worker smiled and slowly nodded his head. “Okay, I see what the problem is, now. Your neighbor should have told you that you can only get JetNozzle from the company website. They’re in such high demand they don’t even bother selling them in stores—they ship directly to the customer.”

“Wow,” I said, “thank you for telling me that.”

“No problem, sir. A lot of people are getting it. Everyone that comes in here, I recommend it to them as well. They come back and tell me how incredible it is, and that it’s very affordable.”

I felt like I was part of a secret club, learning about JetNozzle and hearing so many good things about it. I decided: my neighbor’s driveway is pristine, this guy works at a home improvement store and he probably knows what he’s talking about, so what can I find about JetNozzle on the internet? If it was everything I was told it was, I knew I needed to have it.

I did some research, and found out everything I needed to know:

What Is It And How Does It Work?

JetNozzle is a 2-in-1, high-quality pressure washer that hooks up to a standard 3/4" garden hose with ease. It converts natural water pressure into a powerful water stream that is perfect for cleaning all dirty surfaces including wood, brick, concrete, sidings, plastic, glass and more. It’s also safe; it won’t strip your car paint or clear coat.

Boasting an innovative design that is sturdy, rust- and corrosion-proof, JetNozzle is made with industrial-strength brass connectors and an aluminum alloy washer wand that are guaranteed not to leak. It has two nozzle tips: a jet nozzle for full-force cleaning that can remove stubborn stains from concrete, brick, tile and even wood surfaces like yard fences, and a fan nozzle for large area coverage that can evenly blanket lawns and garden areas with ease.

Millions Of Americans Are Using JetNozzle…

…and loving it! The need for constantly renting or slapping down a pile of cash to own a bulky industrial power sprayer is GONE. JetNozzle is a lightweight, elegant solution to the cleaning needs of anyone that wants to save time and money on car washes, yard maintenance and keeping up with the exterior appearance of their homes.

But…Is It Really Worth All This Hype?

So far, the JetNozzle 2-in-1 High Pressure Power Washer has sold over 10 million units directly to consumers, even without the help of being sold in stores. JetNozzle has been SELLING OUT every time new stock becomes available, it’s become THAT popular.

And, it’s all from word of mouth. People just like you are loving it so much that they’re posting about it on instagram and telling everyone they know about it!

Here’s What I Found:

I knew this quality product wasn’t sold in stores, so as soon as it came back in stock, I ordered one from the official website. It arrived at my house 2 days later, and I was floored; it took me about 1 minute to pull it out of the box and, with the Easy-Connect technology, I just hooked it up to my hose and got to spraying.

It came with 2 nozzles, which made it super convenient to adjust the water as I needed between different tasks. I used the high pressure setting on my driveway first thing, and just look at what a difference it made:

It was the easiest thing, sweeping the nozzle back and forth and watching stains completely wash away. I was ecstatic, and in no time at all, my driveway was just as clean as my neighbor’s! The entire job literally took less than 5 minutes! Checkout the before and after, pretty amazing huh?

I was pretty excited about how easy and effective the JetNozzle was, and considering how the driveway turned out, I was feeling adventurous. I decided to tackle the rest of my house that very same day.

My fence:

My deck:

The stairs:

The home exterior and windows:

Even my BBQ grill and outdoor bench:

I tried it on my car, and it literally took me about two minutes to completely clear the soap bubbles off, without damaging the paint or the clear coat I put on:

I was pleasantly surprised, and then I thought; my wife HATES giving our dog a bath after he’s been playing around in the backyard. I changed out the jet nozzle for the fan nozzle, and I gave it a whirl:

I mean, I kind of stumbled upon the pet-cleaning application, but I was IMPRESSED with how effective it was. At this point, I ordered two more JetNozzle’s, one for my RV for camping trips and one for my backyard.

How Much Does It Cost?

It’s currently on sale for 50% off at their official website for $39.95. At that price, it’s about 1/10th the price of a bulky industrial pressure washer!

Is It Worth It?

JetNozzle is worth it every time I use it—just about every day. I can hardly put into words the triumph I feel when I pull up to my clean, pristine home. I no longer have to block out a few hours on the weekends to clean and scrub my driveway, the outside of my house and to wash my car—now I can do all of that in just minutes. And it was a small, one-time purchase that was very affordable. As you get older you expect practical or sentimental gifts for birthdays and such, but my family has been loving JetNozzle. I always get the same compliments, things like “Wow, I’ve never gotten such a useful gift before!” or “This is hands-down the smartest present I’ve ever gotten!” JetNozzle made a huge difference for me and my family, and I can’t recommend it enough.


UPDATE Monday, March 25, 2024 - Ever since JetNozzle was featured on TV, an incredible amount of buzz has been generated and has since sold over 2 million units. Due to its popularity and positive reviews, the company is so confident in their product that they are now offering a one-time discount of 50% off. To see if they are still available, click on the button below.

A one-time 50% discount is offered for first-time buyers.

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