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Squeeze Any Fruit in Seconds with Just One Click of a Button on This Portable Electric Juicer

Featuring a powerful high-speed motor, this portable electric fruit juicer is 10x more powerful than ordinary fruit juicers.

Ryan Stewart
Updated Jul 23rd, 2024

Making a simple fruit juice can quickly become a frustrating endeavor. Who hasn’t struggled with manual juicers, faced the resistance of hard fruits, or dealt with the mess left by complicated devices that promised ease but delivered work and mess? This exhausting routine often discourages us from seeking healthy, natural options, causing us to miss out on the pleasures and benefits of fresh juice.

Aiming to make people’s lives easier and the process of making natural juices much faster and more practical, a major German company has developed Fructus Pro, a powerful and fully portable electric fruit juicer. This innovative fruit juicer allows you to make fresh, nutritious, and delicious beverages in seconds with just the push of a button. 

Power and Versatility at Your Fingertips

Fructus Pro stands out for its unparalleled ability to extract juice from any fruit, thanks to its high-speed motor, operating at over 2,000 rpm. Unlike conventional juicers, Fructus Pro is 10x more powerful, ensuring you can enjoy juice from harder fruits effortlessly. And it doesn’t stop there; its large capacity allows making up to 1 liter of juice at a time, ideal for sharing with family or for those seeking practicality without sacrificing quantity.

Portability and Unmatched Convenience

Designed for modern life, Fructus Pro is fully portable and cordless, with a long-lasting battery that ensures several days of uninterrupted use, even at maximum power. Its Fast Charge USB cable charging system fully recharges the device in less than an hour, providing incredible freedom to make your favorite juices at home, work, or even on trips.

Simple, Fast, and Clean

One of the biggest barriers to making natural juices at home is cleaning. Fructus Pro elegantly solves this with its detachable design, allowing for quick and easy cleaning in seconds. It has never been so simple to keep your juicer clean and ready for the next use.

The Path to a Healthier Life

The benefits of replacing industrial juices with natural options are undeniable. Nutritionists around the world agree that reducing sugar consumption and increasing fruit intake can have a significant impact on health. Fructus Pro was created to make this goal not just achievable, but easy and enjoyable. Imagine starting your day with fresh orange juice, energizing your afternoon with a green detox juice, or cooling off with an iced lemonade, all without any work.

Benefits That Transform Your Juice Experience

The electric fruit juicer Fructus Pro is the modern solution that promises to prepare natural juices quickly and easily. Below we outline the main benefits and qualities of this innovative product:

  • 360° Juicing Technology: Fructus Pro‘s innovative technology allows for efficient 360° juice extraction while automatically separating waste, ensuring pure juice without pulp.
  • Portability: Fructus Pro is a completely portable fruit juicer, allowing you to easily take it anywhere, ensuring fresh juices are always within reach.
  • Rechargeable Battery: Forget searching for outlets or dealing with cables; this fruit juicer has a long-lasting battery, rechargeable via USB.
  • Natural Juices With a Simple Button Press: Fructus Pro‘s powerful high-speed motor ensures maximum juice extraction, reducing waste and maximizing the use of each fruit.
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  • Variety of Fruits: From oranges and apples to pomegranates, pears, kiwis, lemons, and watermelon, this device is versatile enough to meet all your juicing needs.
  • Easy to Use and Clean: With easily detachable parts, Fructus Pro is designed with your convenience in mind. The ease of separation and cleaning means less time preparing and more time enjoying your favorite juices.

Opting for the electric fruit juicer Fructus Pro is not just a practical choice; it’s an investment in your health, well-being, and time. By making access to fresh and nutritious juices effortless, this electric fruit juicer allows you to make healthy choices effortlessly, completely transforming how you and your family consume fruits

How Can You Buy Fructus Pro?

You can find it directly on the official Fructus Pro website, by clicking here.

If you’re not satisfied with Fructus Pro, you can request a refund at any time, up to 7 days after receiving the product. Simply send an email, and your money will be promptly refunded.

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