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My Car Smelled Like Ashtrays, Now It's Fresh. Here's the Secret...

Ryan Stewart
Updated Jun 23rd, 2024

Many people think getting rid of strong smoke odors from a car is a huge job. This article will show you effective solutions you can tackle yourself, without breaking the bank. (Note: Most car cleaning experts miss this simple trick!)

Looking back, I realize how inconsiderate it was to smoke in the car. 

It gradually became a problem, filling the space with an unpleasant odor that clung to everything.

My family, especially my wife, constantly expressed their dislike for the smell. It became a point of tension, particularly when taking the kids places.

Honey, could we please avoid smoking in the car? The smell is getting strong. It would mean a lot to everyone.

The car, once a place for happy family outings, turned silent and uncomfortable. It was clear a change was needed, but I wasn't sure how to approach it.

Unseen risks of smoking in the car

I used to think smoking in my car wasn't a big deal. But then I learned some things that surprised me.

The smoke smell stuck around way longer than I thought, and it wasn't just gross. It actually made nasty bacteria grow inside the car. 

Even worse, it could make breathing problems worse, especially for my kids.

I never realized my smoking could be hurting everyone's health!

I tried everything I could think of but nothing worked...

Those fancy air freshener things from the store didn't work for long. They just covered up the smoke smell with another smell that was way too strong.

I even tried stuff I found online, like using vinegar and baking soda. But no matter what I tried, the smoke smell wouldn't go away. It was like it was stuck everywhere in my car!

I called some places that clean cars, but they wanted to charge me hundreds and they couldn't even promise the smoke smell would be gone! 

I was about to give up and just sell the car. I was so embarrassed to have anyone, especially my family, ride in my car that smelled so bad.

A car salesman leaks his secret weapon against smoke odor

At my wit's end with the smoke smell, I confided in my neighbor, a car salesman who knew all about prepping used cars.

He empathized, sharing his own struggles with pricey and often useless cleaning services.

"Then came a ray of hope!" he continued,

"I met a car detailer at a party who, in a not-so-sober moment, revealed a secret weapon: an odor eliminator that tackled everything from smoke to pet accidents and lingering food smells. This detailer used it so effectively, they'd ditched cleaning services altogether! Intrigued, I bought a few of these devices, called FreshAir , and they were a game-changer. I could banish even the strongest odors myself, saving a ton of money."

Desperate for a solution, I practically begged for details. He sent a link to the FreshAir 360 Odor Remover website – a lifesaver for my car, and potentially, my family's noses!

What I discovered made me squeal with joy

I decided to try the FreshAir 360 Odor Remover in my smoke-filled minivan. With its large size, I opted for multiple units, thankfully offered at a reasonable price.

I placed the FreshAir s on the floor, powered them on, and left them for 90 minutes. 

Returning, I opened the doors to a surprising transformation.

The persistent cigarette smell, a resident for years, was significantly reduced. In its place, a mild, pleasant scent lingered.

It was incredibly simple - turn it on, place it in the car, and let it work. The results, while not magical, were undeniably effective.

Why is it so effective?

Forget air fresheners that just hide bad smells. FreshAir uses science to destroy them!

Unlike other air purifiers, FreshAir doesn't just mask odors. It uses a special technology called "silent corona discharge" to create ozone molecules.

These ozone molecules are like tiny odor assassins. They find and destroy the smelly particles in the air, instead of just covering them up with a fragrance.

Remember that fresh smell after a thunderstorm? That's ozone at work!FreshAir uses the same power of nature to leave your home truly odor-free.

And the best part? FreshAir is easy to use. No need to mess with filters or refills. Just charge it up and breathe easy!

FreshAir got rid of that nasty smoke smell in my car. Now it smells much better! Family rides are fun again.

(Watch how FreshAir quickly tackles tough cigarette smoke odors in just 2 minutes!)

My car went from a smoke-filled nightmare to a breath of fresh air, all thanks to FreshAir 360 Odor Remover !

It made a world of difference in our family life. Car rides are a joy again, filled with conversation and laughter, instead of the awkward silence we used to endure.

FreshAir eliminated the tension caused by the car's odor, and guess what? Many car detailers use the same product! They charge a fortune for what FreshAir allows you to do yourself with minimal effort.

I can still enjoy smoking in my car, but thanks to FreshAir 360 Odor Remover , there's not a trace of smoke odor left behind.

If you want a fresh-smelling car and a more enjoyable car experience for your family, FreshAir is the ultimate solution!

What makes the FreshAir 360 Odor Remover different?

FreshAir goes beyond just masking odors. It eliminates them for good! Here's what sets it apart:

✅ Safe & Fast: One-touch deodorization.

✅ Targets Many Odors: Smoke, pet dander, musty clothes, and more.

✅ Works Everywhere: Rooms, cars, fridges, clothes - you name it!

✅ Patented Tech: Deodorizes, purifies, disinfects, and breaks down formaldehyde.

✅ Travel-Ready: Compact & portable, take it anywhere.

✅ Refill-Free & Quiet: No messy refills, quiet operation.

More than 95% of verified users have reported that it can instantly remove odors...

"It actually works! I used it inside the fridge and small rooms. It works very well, much better than baking soda or other home remedies for foul smells. The smell of ozone, which is a kind of smell of plastic, can be weird. But it dissipates quickly." - Tara Phillips

"The smell of cigarette smoke of my car was horrendous. This small lightweight machine did the job. The smell lessened after running one cycle and continued to dissipate the more cycles I ran. I'm happy to say that my car now appears smoke-free." - Steve Troise

"Apparently, my apartment doesn't have a fan. I like normal mode cause pressing the button turns the unit on for thirty minutes. It has worked well and I am satisfied with the results. I would buy this unit again without hesitation."- Richard Meyer

Should I buy now or wait?

FreshAir 360 Odor Remover is investing in attracting new customers. They know that once people experience the benefits of their odor removers, they'll be impressed and spread the word. After all, happy customers are the best advertising!

This incredible offer won't last forever, and the FreshAir 360 Odor Remover is selling fast. If you're looking for an all-in-1 solution to remove all the unwanted odors, the FreshAir is the perfect solution.

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Where can I get the FreshAir ?

Please click on this link to purchase the FreshAir 360 Odor Remover directly from their website, with a discount of up to 50%. This is the only selling channel we found online with the lowest price. The discount may be canceled at any time now. It is becoming more widely known, that the stock is running low.

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