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More powerful than a car's headlight and fairly priced, this torch is making competitors irate

This new torch is revolutionizing the market, it's no wonder it's being very successful. Check out our test.

Ryan Stewart
Updated Jul 19th, 2024

In recent weeks, the buzz around an innovative military tactical torch has reached fever pitch, sparking intense discussions and even outrage among competitors. They’re calling it unfair competition, with tensions running high and some even talking about taking drastic measures.

This isn’t just another torch. It’s a groundbreaking revolution designed to address and overcome the deliberate shortcomings built into 97% of today’s torches. The industry’s standard practice of planned obsolescence, where products are intentionally made to fail after a certain period to force consumers into frequent replacements, is being challenged head-on.

Gone are the days of dealing with torches that dim too quickly, batteries that don’t last, and devices that can’t stand a splash of water. This torch is the culmination of relentless innovation by a German company set on changing the game. They’re not just improving torch performance; they’re making durable, high-quality lighting technology accessible to everyone.

With its powerful illumination, this torch is poised to light up the market, especially with an unbeatable launch price that’s already seen over 19,751 units fly off the shelves.

But why exactly is this torch so different from the others?

Have you ever bought a torch, only to have it stop working soon after, especially when you needed it most? If so, you’re not alone.

The reality is, companies make millions every year by designing torches to break down or become less effective over time. These affordable torches often quickly show problems such as weak batteries, dimming lights, and rust, and can completely stop working in just a few weeks, sometimes even days.

After all, the industry doesn’t really benefit from making torches that last for years, does it?

In response to this problem, a German company has taken a stand. They’ve developed a super-strong torch named, Smart Tourch, designed to turn night into day. Their mission? To eliminate the constant need to replace your torch, ensuring you have a reliable light source exactly when you need it.

This company has utilized military-grade materials to craft a torch that’s not only tough but also waterproof and shock-resistant. It features a high-quality, rechargeable battery with a built-in monitor, so you’ll always know when it’s time to recharge — no more unexpected surprises in the dark.

Furthermore, this torch is equipped with four powerful LEDs that emit an astounding 4,000 lumens—more than ten times the brightness of a standard torch. It also features an adjustable lighting system, allowing you to tailor the beam for broad coverage or a focused spotlight, depending on your needs.

Imagine holding a torch that can illuminate up to 500 meters ahead, offering unparalleled security and the confidence to navigate anything the night might conceal. The FlashForce Ultra makes this a reality!

And the highlight? It’s designed to last for 6 continuous hours on a single charge. Yes, you read that correctly— 6 hours!

Our honest opinion

You’re probably wondering if the FlashForce Ultra really lives up to its hype. As the editor, I took it upon myself to put it through its paces, and I must say, I was genuinely impressed!

My passion for outdoor adventures made me particularly eager to see how the FlashForce Ultra would hold up in real-life conditions.

The moment it arrived, I grabbed the chance to test it on a camping trip with friends.

Then, something extraordinary happened:

As we made our way to the campsite, we were suddenly caught in a torrential downpour, turning our path into a treacherous, slippery trail. Soaked to the bone, we decided to wait out the storm, relying on our torches for visibility.

But as the rain hammered down, our friends’ torches started to fail one after the other, with some even getting damaged by the water and stopping working entirely.

The FlashForce Ultra, however, with its IPX7 waterproof rating, rose to the occasion, lighting up our campsite for a solid 4 hours without any issues, leaving everyone amazed.

With just this torch, we were able to set up our tents and take shelter from the storm, proving its reliability and robustness.

After that experience, I didn’t hesitate to buy two more FlashForce Ultra—one for my wife’s car and another for my garage. Seeing its durability first-hand convinced me of its worth.

I’ve been let down by many torches over the years, but this one is in a class of its own. It’s a torch I can rely on, having stood up to nature’s test and proven itself to be exceptionally durable. I can’t recommend it enough to anyone looking for a reliable light source for their outdoor adventures or for home.

What makes the FlashForce Ultra unique?

After analysing more than 200 reviews about the FlashForce Ultra, we compile the difference between a regular torches against this innovation.


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FlashForce Ultra


Who Needs This FlashForce Ultra?

Who Needs This FlashForce Ultra?

We got in touch with the manufacturer of the FlashForce Ultra.

We were informed that due to high demand, the product is not being sold in physical stores, only through the official site (access by clicking here).

We were also informed that due to the product’s sales success, various counterfeits are emerging on the market.

Only through the official site, you can have total certainty of receiving the original product with a 100% guarantee.

As a thanks for this publication, the manufacturer has provided an exclusive offer with a free charger and battery to our readers, which we don’t know how long will be available.

To secure yours with all the bonuses and special discount click here, or in the image or button below.

UPDATE: Since this article about the FlashForce Ultra was published, it has become a phenomenon and over 9 thousand units have already been sold. Due to the popularity and all the positive feedback, we advise you to get in quick and secure yours today. To check if it’s still possible to purchase one, just click here.

A one-time 50% discount is offered for first-time buyers.

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