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Keep Your Lights On During A Blackout With This Money-saving Emergency Light Bulb

Ryan Stewart
Updated Jul 23rd, 2024

This Must-Have Lightbulb Will Blackout Proof Your Home And Save You Money On Electricity Each Month

Did you know the US has more power outages than ANY other developed country? Here’s why… the US power grid is outdated and rundown, but utility companies don’t want to spend the money to invest and repair it. As natural disasters become more common and infrastructure continues to deteriorate, blackouts are impacting more people than ever before.

And in the last 3 years, residential power outages have nearly doubled, according to a special report released by Eaton.

Neither the government nor private companies want to invest the money into our nation’s power grid so it’s up to us to find a natural solution to the problem that is leaving so many Americans in the dark and in fear.

After years of finger pointing and playing the blame game, one tech company is disrupting the industry with the world’s first self-charging emergency bulb that works like a regular light bulb, but is ready 24/7 to protect your family in an emergency.

It’s why experts are saying it’s “like having an expensive emergency generator at a tiny fraction of the cost”.

What Is The EternaLight?

A rogue scientist who realized the government wasn’t going to fix the problem, developed a game changing self-charging emergency light bulb that is saving families hundreds of dollars, but more importantly, it’s saving hundreds of lives.

It’s called “The Eternalight” and it keeps the lights on even when the power is out, thanks to a NASA inspired lithium ion battery with solar panels that can charge it..

Families around the country report the Eternalight saves up to 80% on electricity bills compared to standard light bulbs.

Thanks to the handle mechanism, you can take the Eternalight anywhere you go (outside or inside of your home)

The Eternalight has been tested and proven to be better for the environment than regular light bulbs, so not only does the Eternalight protect you and your family… It also protects our environment.

How Does The EternaLight Work?

Eternalight utilizes a patented LED technology that keeps your home lit up for 50,000 hours which is 8X longer than standard light bulbs.

The rogue scientist saw millions of people in the dark, and thousands dying from blackouts, so he created a “light saver that saves lives and saves money”.

The Eternalight keeps your home lit thanks to it’s cutting-edge battery pack that can be charged by solar panels. This means you can go weeks without power and still have a reliable source of light for your entire home.

Do I Really Need It?

If you’re one of the millions of people who experience blackouts during storms, then you definitely need the Eternalight. It’s also a must have for anyone interested in outdoor activities like camping, fishing and hunting. 

Over 3 million customers have given us 6 main reasons why they love the EternaLight

✅ It’s easy to use because you just plug it into an existing light socket

✅ The backup battery provides over 6 hours of light

✅ The backup emergency battery charges itself - you don’t have to do anything!

✅ Families report an average cost savings of $15 - $30 per month

✅ They feel good knowing they’re doing their part to save the environment

✅ Over 100,000 sold this year with a 5-star rating

Real Eternalight Customer Reviews

“Love the Eternalight, I’m always so annoyed rummaging through my garage in the dark when the lights go out. The last storm we had, I tripped and almost fell down the stairs. I had enough. I have an eternalight in nearly every room of my house now because you never know where you’ll be when the power goes out. This product should replace every light bulb in America!” - Janet D.

“My husband and I sleep well at night knowing we have a plan B in the case of an emergency or storm that knocks the power out. And my pocketbook loves the Eternalight too because it saved our family $27.13 last month and it should save us almost $400 this year.” - Sandra P.

As technologically advanced as the Eternalight is, I thought it would be hard to use… but no… I literally just plug it into any socket in my house and it lights up the room. After using the Eternalight for 6 months, I don’t know why anyone would go back to regular light bulbs.” - Jarod M.

“Our daughter got us 3 Eternalights and we love them. We’re in our 80’s and a slip or fall when the power is out could be devastating, so we’re very happy with our Eternalight.“ - Andrew F.

Where Can You Get Your Eternalight?

Our nation’s infrastructure isn’t capable of dealing with more and more blackouts and that’s exactly what experts predict.

Thousands of happy customers can’t be wrong, you and your family deserve the peace of mind that you’ll enjoy when the lights go out in the neighborhood, but your house is lit up like a Christmas tree.

The Eternalight isn’t sold in stores, it’s sold directly to consumers and can only be purchased online with the link below.

In order to save you even more money, the company is offering a 50% discount right now for your first Eternalight and up to 70% off if you order multiple.

Click the green button to see if they are still available in stock

UPDATE - January 15, 2024: Due to recently being featured on local news stations around the country, we cannot guarantee the discount, so click the link and claim the discount while you still can.

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