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This innovative Mop avoids body aches caused by cleaning and reduces cleaning time

Developed with German technology, this 360° Mop can do a much deeper cleaning quickly and avoids body aches caused by cleaning.

Ryan Stewart
Updated Jul 23rd, 2024

Keeping the house clean is fundamental to a lighter and more pleasant life. It is indisputable that well-kept environments are much more comfortable and cozy. However, doing a good cleaning to eliminate dirt and dust using conventional methods is usually much work and demands a lot from the body.

The part of the body that suffers more during cleaning using conventional methods is the spine, with the shoulders and elbows heavily overloaded. Doing heavy cleaning without taking care of your body can lead to muscle problems, such as muscle fatigue, cramps, tendonitis, back pain, inflammation of the sciatic nerve, or a herniated disc.

Thinking about ending all this discomfort, a large German company has developed a multifunctional mop that can help alleviate the overload on the body due to its ergonomic design and guarantee a much deeper and more thorough cleaning. The product is so successful abroad that a company from Quebec decided to bring it to Canada.

Meet the rotating mop, unlike anything you’ve ever seen in your life

EasyMop is a versatile, extremely modern swivel mop with an ergonomic design. Designed to make your life easier when cleaning the house, its features surprise even the most experienced when it comes to cleaning the house.

The cleaning task needs to be as simple as possible. For this, it has a cleaning tray with a triangular design and a 360-degree rotating head, allowing you not to leave dust in the dead corner, easily solving what previously seemed impossible.

EasyMop has an extendable rod for dust in higher corners, which can make it up to 51 inches long. You can raise your arms to a good height and very safely without stretching your arms too much.

Dust, water, grease, and whatever else you need to be removed

Mops are not just cleaning objects that remove dust; this little buddy is no different. Its mop is equipped with a thickened microfiber cloth and nanotechnology, which can quickly absorb water in 5 seconds and have excellent adsorption capacity, firmly locking up dust.

You can also clean other liquid substances, such as grease, ensuring the maximum versatility of this product. EasyMop has a squeezing function for this task, which removes all liquid excess from the microfiber without you squatting. All this is thanks to the push-pull technology integrated into the product. Isn’t it wonderful?

Taking cleaning to the next level

The better our resources when it comes to cleaning the home, the better the results will also be. And this mop takes your cleaning to the next level, making everything simpler and, of course, cleaner. Check out some qualities and benefits of EasyMop:

  • It has technology that wrings the microfiber cloth by itself, removing all any water;
  • Ideal for removing dust and other dirt from ceilings or walls;
  • Perfect for cleaning the floor;
  • Removes fat and other liquid substances;
  • 360° rotation, facilitating cleaning in hard-to-reach places;
  • Extendable rod with a length of up to 1.3 meters.

How do I buy it?

Our reporter contacted the official distributor of EasyMop. In response, they informed us that the product is not being sold in physical stores, only through the official website (Access it by clicking here).

We were also informed that several counterfeits are appearing on the market due to the product’s sales success. Only through the Official Website, you can be completely sure of receiving the original product with a 30-day guarantee.

To thank you for this published article, the manufacturer has offered our readers an exclusive discount and free shipping.

To take advantage of the offer, click on the image below or on this SPECIAL LINK, and the discount will be applied automatically.

UPDATE: Since EasyMop appeared on TV, it has spread like wildfire, and more than 36,000 units have already been sold through the official website. Due to its popularity and all the positive testimonials, we advise you to hurry and secure yours today. To check if they are still available in your area, access the official link by clicking here.

A one-time 50% discount is offered for first-time buyers.

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