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The End of Flipping Out: How a Gadget Saved Our Sanity (and Dad's Money)

Ryan Stewart
Updated Jul 23rd, 2024

Electricians approve, 58,000+ households love it: This handy tool helps pinpoint the right breaker in a matter of minutes, with 100% accuracy, and is so easy to use!

My dad lives by a code: "Never call an electrician. It's a rip-off!" His motto? "Spend hundreds hiring someone just to do small electrical work for me? No way, sir!"

This philosophy held strong... until the day the bathroom light decided to play hide-and-seek with electricity. Poof! Darkness. Dad, ever the optimist, declared, "Easy fix. Just gotta flip the breaker."

Thus began our hilarious yet frustrating afternoon. Armed with a flashlight and his unwavering belief in DIY solutions, we ended up at the breaker box - a dusty mess of ancient switches.

Our breaker box was a disaster, typical of older houses. The labels were faded and useless, like some ancient code. Flipping each switch felt like a guessing game. Would this be the one to light up the bathroom at last?

After an hour of this electrical roulette, sweat dripping and tempers flaring, it dawned on us: there had to be a better way.

Short-circuiting the problem wasn't an option (not safe, and potentially disastrous for the wiring). When dealing with electricity, safety should always be the top priority - that's my code!

"There's gotta be a better way," I thought, "something safer, easier, and cheaper."

And that's when I stumbled upon a smart Circuit Breaker Finder, called CircuitZap. It sounded too good to be true – pinpoint the right breaker in a matter of minutes? This could be the answer to Dad's (and my) worries...

No More Guesswork, No More Electrician Appointments

Dad, of course, remained skeptical. "Another gadget?" he scoffed. "Those things are all junk." But with the promise of a quicker fix and no more fumbling in the dark, he grudgingly agreed to give it a shot.

The CircuitZap arrived a few days later. Here's the beauty of this gadget: it's as easy as 1-2-3, and works right out of the box.

Step 1: Plug and Play. No complex setup – just plug the transmitter into the dead bathroom outlet, following the clear instructions. Dad managed this without complaint.

Step 2: Scan the Panel. With the receiver in hand, we ventured back to the breaker box. This time, there was no fumbling in the dark or deciphering cryptic labels. Dad slowly scanned each switch, a hint of curiosity replacing his usual skepticism.

Step 3: Find the Culprit. And then it happened! The receiver beeped like a hero, pinpointing the exact breaker controlling the bathroom light. Dad flipped it off, and... light! The bathroom was bathed in glorious illumination.

Dad's eyes widened. "This is incredible!" he exclaimed, a complete turnaround from his initial doubt.

Dad wasn't the only one impressed. He started using the CircuitZap on his jobs, and it became his secret weapon. Time and time again, the CircuitZap proved to be a reliable and accurate tool.

Dad's eyes widened. "This is incredible!" he exclaimed, a complete turnaround from his initial doubt.

His colleagues, used to seeing him wrestle with breaker boxes for ages, did a double-take. "How did you do that?"

Dad would just grin, a hint of pride in his eyes. "It's called CircuitZap," he'd explain.

Fast, easy, 100% accurate every time. Never fails me once.

Are you still using an outdated method to find the right breaker switch? Manually switching off each breaker switch is a thing of the past!

It's the best innovation since sliced bread for anyone who wants to take control of their electrical projects – safely and easily.

While it might be an electrician's little secret (they don't want you to know how much time it saves them on "simple" jobs!), the CircuitZap is readily available for you to become your own electrical hero.

Here's what it is:

√ A simple and user-friendly device that helps you identify the exact breaker switch controlling an outlet, light fixture, or appliance.

√ An alternative to the time-consuming and often confusing process of deciphering cryptic breaker box labels.

√ Your personal "electrician in a box," empowering you to tackle basic electrical tasks safely and efficiently.

If you hate wasting all that time and energy trying to find the right breaker, you definitely need to get your hands on this!

You can find the right circuit the first time in just minutes, saving you time, money, and a whole lot of frustration.

Find the Right Breaker Every Time - Here's How

The CircuitZap uses a 3-step process to pinpoint the exact breaker in minutes:

1.Plug and Play: Simply plug the transmitter into the problem outlet.

2.Scan with Confidence: Head to your breaker box with the receiver.

3.The Beep of Success: The receiver beeps ONLY when it detects the correct breaker. It's like having a built-in assistant guiding you!

The CircuitZap not only saved us time and frustration, but it also proved its remarkable accuracy. The secret weapon? An adjustable sensitivity dial.

This ingenious feature lets you fine-tune the signal detection, ensuring a 100% accurate reading EVERY SINGLE TIME. No more missed breakers or accidentally flipping the wrong switch and plunging the house into darkness.

Here's a warm tip: Remember to start with the lowest setting to avoid false positives. Only increase it if needed for your specific wiring.

The CircuitZap has become a game-changer for anyone who's ever battled a mystery breaker box. Every household should own one!

What Makes CircuitZap So Great?

✅ LED Status Indicator: See the signal strength and working status with clear lights.

✅ Low Battery Indicator: No more dead units – a warning lets you know when it's time to replace the battery.

✅ Loud Beep Tone: Hear the signal clearly, even in noisy environments.

✅ GFCI Tester: Test your outlets for proper safety functionality.

✅ Built to Last: Made with high-quality materials for long-lasting use.

✅ Designed Specifically for US Outlets: Ensuring compatibility with your home's electrical system.

People Are Raving About It:

Since the CircuitZap was introduced, it has achieved an impressive monthly sales volume of 60,000 units through online sales alone! Tens of thousands of users admire the convenience it provides!

"As an electrical contractor, I demand top-notch tools, and CircuitZap exceeds my expectations. It's quick, accurate, and incredibly durable. I'm thrilled with the results it delivers. One trick for isolating a given circuit's breaker, just back the wand a bit further away from the panel, so the signal becomes more precise over the target." - Tim Phillips

"My 1960's house breaker panel had no labels whatsoever, and two wire cabling throughout. In order to update all my two-prong outlets to GFCI protected circuits I had to trace all the circuits in the house. The finder made the task much easier than screaming at my wife to tell me if the outlet was on or off, well worth the price." - Steve Troise

"This Circuit Breaker Finder is a great addition to my toolbox. This instrument quickly removed the frustration of determining which devices are on which circuit, and the transmitter doubling as a receptacle fault detector is a great feature."- Rick Meyer


Q: How should I adjust the sensitivity?

A: Adjust the sensitivity of the receiver to the minimum and keep slowly turning it up during the measurement until it can be accurately located to the breaker.

Q: Does the power have to be on for the tester to work?

A: Yes, it must be powered on to test the circuit break. The receiver also needs to use a 9V battery (not included in the package) to receive the signal.

Q: The receiver just beeps at all the breakers. What should I do?

A: Turn down the sensitivity before using it. Otherwise, it will beep at any breaker until it is adjusted to a critical point. This critical point needs to be found by you. Try it a few more times and you will find the breaker.

Q: Will it work if there is no electricity to the socket?

A: No, it will not work without electricity. The socket must be connected to 90-120V mains to power the transmitter inserted into the socket.

Should I Buy Now Or Wait?

Don't risk your home with some cheap knock-off breaker finders - you might save a few bucks now, but one wrong move could fry your entire system and leave you in the dark, or worse, facing a dangerous fire hazard...

The CircuitZap has been recognized as the most trusted brand by electricians throughout the United States. Get it right the first time, and keep your home safe.

The makers of CircuitZap are investing in attracting new customers. They know that once people experience the frustration-free breaker identification CircuitZap offers, they'll be impressed and spread the word. After all, happy DIYers are the best advertising!

How Much Does the CircuitZap Cost?

You might expect a fast and easy-to-use tool like the CircuitZap to be expensive, but it's surprisingly affordable. Retailing for only $138.99, it's well below what you might expect for a reliable circuit breaker finder.

But wait, there's more! Right now, you can take advantage of a special 50% discount and get the CircuitZap for just $69.99! Plus, for a limited time only, order now and you'll also receive a FREE tool case to keep your CircuitZap protected!

This incredible offer won't last forever, and the CircuitZap is selling fast. 

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Where Can I Get the CircuitZap?

Please click on this link to purchase the CircuitZap directly from their website, with a discount of up to 50%. This is the only selling channel we found online with the lowest price. The discount may be canceled at any time now. It is becoming more widely known, that the stock is running low.

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