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How a Generous Stranger Saved Us Thousands & Helped Our Stranded Family

PLUS: The HERO Gadget You Needs to Avoid These Situations

Ryan Stewart
Updated Jul 19th, 2024

A significant issue for cars and trucks owners, is dealing with inadequate tire pressure. This issue can make driving more dangerous, harm your tires and suspension, and occasionally other components of your car.

Also, it might raise your chances of getting into an accident

I need to be honest and admit that I've been driving a car since I was 17, and inflating my tires myself or checking them was neither easy nor comfortable for me.It always felt like I was doing it incorrectly.

My husband usually takes care of household matters because he's good at fixing things. But sometimes, he forgets to check the tires before our family road trips.

You understand how it goes, once you have finally packed all the kids along with everything else into the car, our desire is to hit the road, not wasting the entire morning on an auto check-up.

We should have done basic things like checking the tire and oil pressure again - but we didn't.

I Should Have Check In Advance

A few months ago, the entire family chose to embark on an exciting family holiday. Since we live in Texas, we were seeking to enjoy the gentle sea wind and a sandy beach in Florida!

We started our journey with my spouse driving. All of our children were busy playing games on their mobile devices and tablets. The weather was perfect for a road trip, and everyone was excited about relaxing by the pool!

About one and a half hours into our trip, we saw a sign saying the next gas station was far away...at the time we weren't worriedbecause our gas tank was still full.

"After 45 Miles of The Signal, It Started..."

Going forward, I will always have one of these with me.

Not long after that sign, maybe 45 miles, thats when something started to happen. My husband has this odd look on his face and says:

“The car doesn't feel right! I think our tire might be flat”

I didn't know what to say. I remembered the sign we saw earlier and realized we didn't have an extra tire! That's when I started to panic.

We Stopped To Look At It, And It Looked Almost Completely Flat!

We were frustrated and started looking at other options. Continuing our journey was very dangerous, and we had recently cancelled our AAA membership because we hadn't used it once in the last 4 years!

In the end, we decided to hire a tow truck - it seemed like the only choice. We knew it would cost over $300 and take a few hours for them to arrive. But we didn't have any other options.

About 10 minutes later, a kind man, who looked around the same age as us, pulled over in a Toyota Camry to help.

“Hi, I just wanted to make sure everything is alright or if you need any help?”

My husband told him that our tire was almost completely flat and we didn't have a spare tire. But we told him not to worry because a tow truck was on its way.

“Don't worry! Just give me a moment, and I'll help you get back on the road.”

We had no idea what he was going to get...In fact, we had no clue.

He quickly got the small device from his car's compartment and named it the "Autoair". He found it on the internet and bought it a few months back. Since then, he has used it and helped many people with it!

He connected it and checked the tire pressure. Our tire had dropped to a dangerous 18 PSI. With complete certainty, he advised us to cancel the tow truck. He said that the Autoair would quickly inflate the tire back to 35 PSI.

It was difficult to believe that the gadget was so small, just like a water bottle. It didn't have a large air tank or complex machine, and didn't require any special tools. The concept of such a tiny device being able to inflate a flat tire, even with the weight of the car on it, was too hard to comprehend.

Wow, it took just a few minutes to fix.

We fixed the low tire pressure in just a few minutes.

He quickly connected the device, didn't have to lift the car, just pressed the power button, and the Autoair started working. It made a noise like a small air pump, but quieter. Once we saw it was working, we let him continue.After only 5 minutes,he looked at us and said,

“The tire is good to go. Let the tow truck service know they don't need to help anymore, and you can continue your trip. I'll check the other three tires to make sure they're all good.”

My spouse couldn't believe it, he checked the tire many times, and it was really at 36 PSI, which is the exact value our tires are meant for.

Within a few more minutes, this kind stranger checked and adjusted each tire to exactly 36 PSI. It's a good thing he did because the tire on the back passenger side was quite low at 26 PSI until he fixed it with the Autoair.

Finally, after being stuck, we were able to continue our journey. We were very thankful to this stranger and their small device that saved us in a difficult situation.

When I began driving, I looked for the thing on my phone andquickly purchased 3 of them.Now we have one for each of our cars.

So, I assume you are curious about...

What Is Autoair?

Autoair is a little air pump that is easy to use. You can recharge it and take it with you wherever you go.

This small air inflator is powerful and easy to carry. It has a built-in hose and comes with different adapters for various uses. When you turn it on and connect the hose to your tire, the big LED screen shows the current pressure.

Why I bought one for every vehicules we have

But don't just take my word for it:

This is really helpful. I can't believe I didn't have one before.

Super simple to use...

Step 1

Click the button to activate the power and choose the desired PSI.

Step 2

Attach the hose to your tire and push the main button to activate Autoair. This will immediately begin inflating your tire to the correct PSI.

Step 3

The device turns off by itself when it reaches the desired PSI.This lets you put it down and continue your day without any concerns.

AutoAir Can Inflate Almost Everything

The Autoair is not limited to only car and truck tires, it can do many of other tasks as well.

This device is among the few of its size that can inflate to as high as 120 PSI, making it the ideal tool to perfectly inflate bicycle tires to 120 PSI. Achieving such pressure with a small hand pump is unfeasible.

It's smaller than a water bottle, so you can easily bring it on a bike ride.

You can use AutoAir for so many things such as:

That's Awesome, How Much Does it Cost?

The Autoair saved me more than 1,000 dollars in tires, time, and headaches. Nobody wants to spend a lot of money  on commercial tire inflators. You'd have to spend over $400 to $500 just to get one.

One of the drawbacks of these devices is that they need to be plugged in for power. I had no idea that there was such a small and portable tire inflation pump like Autoair until I found out about it on that trip.

Normallyit costs $159.98 + shipping.Compared to a mechanic shop, a towing service, or having to buy new tires sooner than needed, it's a no brainer! Plus, it's so inconvenient to have to go to a gas station to get your tires checked out.

UPDATE: Up to 60% off on Autoair today. Sale price is $79 with FREE shipping on orders of 1 or more.

The Autoair saves you time, money, and stress.Having a simple method to check and repair your tire pressureeliminates one of the most common issues we face when driving a vehicle. Perfect for planning road trips, emergencies, and never having to ask yourself, "Where can I check tire pressure?" "How do I fix tire pressure?" "Where can I find gas station pumps?"

Now you can have your own powerful and portable air pump!

If these problems are fixed forever, then $79.00 is a great deal.


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What Autoair Customers Are Saying

Jay M.

I purchased one for both of my vehicles and have used them both to top off the tires and get rid of that glowing tire pressure light. Well worth the purchase price to not have to spend more time searching for an air compressor than it takes to pump up the tires.

Jay M.

I purchased one for both of my vehicles and have used them both to top off the tires and get rid of that glowing tire pressure light. Well worth the purchase price to not have to spend more time searching for an air compressor than it takes to pump up the tires.